75 Gorgeous Dry River Backyard Landscaping Ideas on Budget

75 gorgeous dry river creek bed design ideas on budget (72)

Being a garden designer, one of the first topics I must address with my clients is water flow/run-off issues; this includes erosion issues, water accumulation/drainage issues, water flowing too close to structures, etc. Water flow issues must be resolved first since it directly affects the elevation and lay of the landscape. Unfortunately, I so often see it neglected, especially in new home construction.
One way to resolve water flow issues is to build a dry creek bed. Dry creek beds can redirect water, help prevent erosion and resolve drainage issues. Not only are they functional but they have become somewhat of a desireable hardscape addition, being very attractive in their own right. Some of my clients have even installed them purely for aesthetic reasons; adding beautiful structure with natural stone.
So depending on your purpose for building the dry creek bed, functional or aesthetic only, the methods will differ slightly. If it’s functional, we need to look at the amount of water flow (or is it just for water accumulation), the source of the water and where we want to direct the water. If we are building for aesthetic purpose only, we have a bit more creative freedom.

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